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Paula's Prophecy

Nonfiction drama including, but not limited to, attempted murder, a struggle for survival, heroism, ravenous passion and romance, love and laughter, life's lessons, heartbreak and tears, good over evil, and unexplainably mystical events. Hurry now to order your copy either in paperback or E-book:

Newly Released!

Welcome to Klacey's Castle and the works of author, R.N., Klacey J. Smith.  Sarah had a childhood dream to come to "The Land  of Milk & Honey," America.  As she grew up, life threw many obstacles in her path to prevent her from achieving her dream such as various love relationships, evading death, evading attempted murder, and an overly protective father who sought to keep his "Little girl," at home.  Not until Sarah became broken hearted over a lost love did she allow a nagging psychic to read her cards who professed the good future that awaited Sarah in a foreign country, but then refused to tell Sarah of the horrendous  things that she also saw.  As Sarah's life unfolds, and "Paula's Prophecy," comes true, she hopes that each new heartbreak and catastrophe is the last of what Paula saw in the cards only to be faced with a much worse predicament each time.  "Edie's Castle; Part One: Paula's Prophecy" is available now. To get your paperback copy, go to this link right now and have yours on the way today:     

                     Mental Illness Diagnosis; A Vicious Custody Battle Strategy.


Copy and paste the link above into your web browser to be taken to the site where you can purchase your copies right now! Klacey's Self Help Page 3 has a description of this horrific nonfiction story that is malignantly spreading the country if not the world!        

                    "Keep up the good work Klacey."


              David Marsh, Tom Thumb Website, UK.



This is an award assigned to me for my article "Are Your Kids Doped Up by Teachers & Quacks?"  It relates to the over diagnosing of children regarding ADD/ADHD.

ViewsHound Award for being the most accurate and informative article.


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To get your copies, simply go to book the pages to order your copies today.  Kindle & paperback versions are available. These books are educational self-help, nonfiction, dramatic, mystical, romantic, and highly entertaining!

Klacey's Castle, nonfiction online bookstore, & self help books located in Raleigh, NC, USA.

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